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property analysis

Our service provides the key information on selected / specific property with the expertise to help you with property appraisal. Our service provides the clients to attain an ownership of the property in a simple and without stress in case of buying, selling, leasing and in renting. Our service includes providing the client with updated market rates in the locality of property.

In this service we provide the client with the information of current property condition, area profile, cadastral map, market value. In addition to this the appraisal provides information on critical factors such as –

  • Legal Advice
  • Architectural Report
  • Nearest Landmarks
  • Future Developments
  • Ground Analysis
Real Estate Legal AdviceLegal Advice

An experienced advocate examines property documents.

  • To make sure whether the property is genuine or not, if it is assigned land what can be done.
  • To find out whether the property title is clear or not.
  • To find out if there are any disputes involved with the concerned property.

All efforts are made to ensure that all legal requirements are incorporated and necessary safeguards built-in to avoid ambiguity, misuse and litigation.

Architectural ReportArchitectural Report

Our service includes providing planning and designing by experienced and well renowned Architects in case of open plot. Necessary permits and clearances are obtained to fulfill legal requirements. The property details will be shown to an expert of architecture and the data will be examined in case of an existing building. The possible solution will be presented to the customer in terms of designing, layout change with full furnishing amenities if needed.

Hyderabad Landmarks  Nearest Landmarks

Landmarks are the things by which we can assess the market value of the property. Landmarks always create a direct impact on sellers view. It helps the customer to obtain new property in a prime or specified location. A landmark is a sign for upcoming developments on the location given.

Hyderabad Future DevelopmentsFuture Developments

Future development is a backbone for the buyer for investing in property market. Every individual prefers his property to be located near to the development areas. That’s why it is a common perception of every customer while  purchasing a property. Moreover, it gives a brief idea about upcoming new projects.

Once the service team concludes the process of verification the reports are submitted to the client, after which they can splendidly proceed with the dealings with full confidence.

Hyderabad Real EstateGround Analysis

Ground Water Report:
People always look for a property where there is an abundant of water (no scarcity of water). Now a day’s it is a crucial factor for the common people to find where it locates. With the help of our expertise we will guide you better to find where the water is. Moreover, depending on the customer choice we let you in all matters regarding quality and pure water. Our service facilitates you in meeting high quantities of water if required in the mere future through alternatives like bore well etc.

Ground Quality Report:
Depending on the type of soil and strength, we can decide how strong the foundation should be laid so that the building can withstand the loads and different climatic conditions including natural calamities. Ground quality report provided as a part of our service gives the brief idea about what type of building can be constructed and how the layout should be.