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tenancy management

Property ownership should be simple... buy some property, rent the property to a qualified tenant, and enjoy the benefits of your investment - an appreciating asset and additional income. For those who want to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassle in handling tenants we are providing Tenancy Management service.

Our tenancy management service encompass -

  • Locating Tenants 
  • Lease Management 
  • Rental Management
Locating Tenants

Depending upon the requirements of the customer the tenants will be searched. For example some body wants to give only for employees or joint families or business people or offices either for commercial or for particular categories.  This includes the validation of details provided by tenant by cross checking.

Lease Management

We provide all the details to you regarding the legal procedure to be followed including registration of rent agreement with the appropriate government authorities as well as with the Municipal Corporation for purpose of payment of property tax. We assist in documents and forms required to be produced for lease agreements and the formalities to be followed incase of leasing property of others  having power of attorney. We assist you even in documentation of lease papers to avoid any obligations or disputes in the future.

Rental Management

For the people who are staying away from their property it’s difficult to collect rent. So we make contract with them on annual (if required periodical) basis and we pick the rental cheques and deposit them in the owner's account or we will give to the concerned person (relative) of client here or in some other way in which they feel comfortable.