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Price quotes
Material Price Range Availability / Details
  Construction Materials  
River Sand Rs. 550 - 650 per tonne & 5,000/lorry load Types: River & Filtered. Loads of 5-6, 13-14, 20-21 tons
Manufactured Sand Rs. 450 - 500 per tonne Stone curshed into sand, various manufacturers
Steel Rs. 35 - 37,000 per tonne Available in various gauzes and loads
Ready Mix Concrete Variable Variable Manufacturers
Premium brand cement (50 Kg. bag) Rs. 230 - 240 per bag Various Manufacturers and different grades
Bricks 18,000/lorry load
Mud Bricks Rs. 1.50 - 1.75 per piece Price depends on thickness and finish
Mud Bricks (Light Weight) Rs. 2.50 - 2.75 per tonne Various qualities depends on manufacturer
Fly Ash / Hallow Bricks Rs. 3.25 + per piece Standard sizes and finishing depends on manufacturer
Tiles: Ceramic tiles Rs. 10 - 30 per tile Various
Tiles: Shabad stone Rs. 5 - 10 per tile Various
Tiles: Markapur Rs. 4 - 8 per tile Various
Marbles - tiles Rs. 14 onwards per sft. Price depends on whiteness and design
Marbles - Slabs Rs. 20 onwards per sft. Price depends on whiteness and design
Granite - tiles Rs. 20 onwards per sft. Price and quality depends on brand
Granite - Slabs Rs. 45 onwards per sft. Price depends on finishing
Bthroom accessories etc. Various ranges Brand and quality determine the price
Wood & Panel(per cubic foot)  
Panel Boards   Various Manufacturers
Teak Wood - Burma Rs. 3,000/cft Supply and demand determine the price
Teak Wood - African Rs. 2,400/cft Supply and demand determine the price
Teak Wood - India Rs. 2,800/cft Various timber suppliers
Teak Wood- Medium Rs. 1,450/cft
Beeja Sal Rs. 900/cft Various
Neem Rs. 350 to 500 Various
Mango Rs. 150 to 250 Various
Babool Rs. 350 to 400 Various
Electrical Accessories Various Competitive pricing because of heavy supply